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Clean carpets give us a sense of security and comfort, but it can be difficult for homemakers to keep them looking spotless. We need to clean our carpets gently so that they retain their original color, plushness, and fiber doesn't make things easier. A drink accident, a few droplets of blood, or a curious toddler's hands might make us panic. In our haste to get rid of stains, we often reach for any available cloth, which only serves to disperse it further and worsen the problem. However, there is an art to getting stains out of our carpets without damaging them. Even the hardest carpet stains to remove can be tackled with advice from carpet cleaning experts. So keep on reading, as that's what we'll cover in this article.

What are the hardest carpet stains to remove, and how to tackle them?

Sure, in a perfect world, you wouldn't spill anything on your carpet in the first place, but this is reality, after all. It's not cheap to replace carpeting. Therefore, it's in your best interest to treat it gently. That is especially true if you're a tenant and renting your place. Damaged carpeting can make you lose your deposit, so before you leave and have pros from Centennial Moving help you relocate, you need to make sure you're going everything, including your carpets, in excellent condition.

Caption: Keeping your carpets in pristine condition can be pretty tricky.

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While you can easily clean up some things, others might be much more hassle. If you have the misfortune of spilling any of the following on your floor coverings, we have provided some quick activities you should take. So here are the top 10 hardest carpet stains to remove.

#1 Red wine

You probably know this already, but red wine stains on your carpet are probably the toughest to tackle. The first step is to blot up any visible liquid. Then, beginning at the stain's perimeter, scrub it with a solution of water and white wine vinegar. Instead of soaking the carpet all at once, it is preferable to use the cleaning solution in small amounts. Avoiding the former will prevent the stain from spreading and protect the carpet backing from being ruined.

#2 Blood

It goes without saying that the individual bleeding out is your entire focus. After that, you may attend to your carpet's first aid needs. Blot up the blood with paper kitchen towels or soft light-colored cloths. Start at the edges of the stain and work your way inward. You should use cold water and a small amount of dish soap to clean your carpet. Using hot water will just set the stain.

#3 Coffee

Another enemy of your carpets is everyone's favorite hot beverage - coffee. Remove extra liquid with paper towels, and then rub a mixture of water and white vinegar into the stain, starting at the perimeter and working your way in. Avoid spreading the stain and reintroducing the coffee into the carpet by periodically changing your cloth.

#4 Other colored drinks

Professionals from carpet cleaning services have a particularly negative impression of iron bru, but any beverage with artificial colors will be challenging to remove. A specialist can test and apply a dye remover, but you should initially handle the liquid as if it were red wine.

#5 Pet urine

Even if your pet is well trained, accidents can happen, especially if you are in the middle of a stressful situation such as a home renovation or moving. That's why the best way to handle kids and pets on moving days is to keep them away from the mess and crowd.

Caption: Even though we love them, our pets are usually responsible for making the most challenging carpet stains to remove.

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However, if an accident still happens, there is a way to fix it.  Remember that urine is acidic and can bleach the color out of your carpet or turn it yellow if not treated quickly. Baking soda is a multitasker; it can soak up liquid, neutralize acid, and hide odors. Dry the area with paper towels, sprinkle some baking soda, and wait 15 minutes before vacuuming.

#6 Ink

If you are battling an ink stain, you have to be careful. For removal, try using isopropyl alcohol (most nail polish removers use this). Put some on a cloth, and then use the cloth to blot the stain gently. It is recommended to first test the alcohol on a small, hidden area of the carpet in case it damages or removes the carpet's color.

#7 Oil, fat, and wax

Oil, fat, and wax are some of the most challenging carpet stains to remove. If some substances reach your carpet, place a paper towel and iron it on high. Ironing will cause the fat, wax, or oil to adhere to the towel.

#8 Other bodily fluids

You should use gloves, paper towels, or light-colored cleaning cloths to remove solids like dog poop or vomit and treat the area as though it were a urine stain. Once more, you can use baking soda to eliminate lingering odors. After an initial cleaning, you may need to have the carpet professionally cleaned to eliminate any remaining stains or odors.

#9 Glue

Glue stains can be tough to remove from carpets. Rub rubbing alcohol onto a cloth or cotton ball, and apply it to the stained area. After the adhesive has been allowed to become wet, carefully wipe it. Carpets typically require multiple cleaning cycles to achieve optimal cleanliness.

#10 Water-soluble stains

Water-soluble stains such as chocolate, mustard, or tea can be a nightmare for your carpet. However, a solution of 1 cup of water and one spoonful of ammonia can help you save the day. If that doesn't do the trick, try diluting some chlorine bleach with water: the ratio should be 5:1. (for solution-dyed carpets only). Certain carpet manufacturers warn that bleach can ruin their products. Therefore, make sure you know what kind of carpet you have.

Caption: Water-soluble carpet stains such as the ones from red wine can be very difficult to remove.

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The bottom line

Lastly, just as important as what got spilled on the carpet is the type of carpet you have if you want any chance of eliminating the stain. If you act quickly and correctly, you can always significantly lessen the damage and, in many cases, even prevent the carpet from becoming discolored from the stain. We hope our list of the hardest carpet stains to remove helped you learn how to best deal with them. However, your best option is always to book an appointment with carpet cleaning pros and have your carpets looking fresh and brand new.