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The signs your upholstered furniture needs cleaning are sometimes not so easily noticeable. Besides stains, plenty more signs can help you determine whether you need to clean your upholstered furniture. When you check your furniture for these signs, you can easily decide whether to clean it now. And by checking for these signs regularly, you ensure your furniture is always in the best shape.

How often should upholstered furniture be cleaned?

The answer to this question depends on a number of different and important factors. For professional upholstery cleaning, most people do it once or twice a year. But if you live with people who suffer from allergies or asthma, you may want to consider cleaning it every two months. The number of people in the household and their age can help you determine how often you should clean your upholstered furniture. You can clean your upholstered furniture before you relocate. If you have to move out of your current home before you can move into your new one, don’t worry. Experts from Royal Moving Company advise you to put your furniture into storage until you can relocate it to your new home. If your household has a large number of people, small children, and pets, cleaning it every three months may be the best option.

There are visible stains on the furniture

Unfortunately, upholstered furniture can get stained quickly. One of the most common signs your upholstered furniture needs cleaning is stains. Coffee spills and food stains can make your brand-new furniture look old and worn out. Even though you clean regularly, stained furniture can give your guests the impression of an unclean home. If you have kids and pets, stains will be a common occurrence. Luckily, they can be removed from the furniture, and no one will ever know they were there. The sooner you start cleaning the stains, the easier they will be to remove. If you spill something challenging to remove, such as wine, don’t worry. Professional cleaners can do anything you can’t remove on your own. Another pro is that you will spend less time and effort getting your furniture and home to look spotless.

Dust your upholstered furniture regularly to keep it looking clean

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You notice a lot of pet hairs

Removing pet hair from upholstered furniture daily is a big step towards keeping it clean. You can do this with a lint remover. In just a few minutes, you will remove all the hair from the surface of your upholstered furniture. However, pet hair can get in the fabric after a while and become difficult to remove. This can be especially difficult if you don’t have the right equipment at home. Vacuuming the furniture weekly can help remove pet hair from it.

Furthermore, you can protect your furniture from pet hair by purchasing blankets for your pets to lie on. You can still have them right there with you on the couch. But they won’t make it look bad.

Odor and uncomfortable upholstered furniture

Noticing odors in upholstered furniture can be difficult when you spend a lot of time in one place. You may get used to it and not even notice it’s there. To avoid this, check your furniture occasionally to see any odors in it. An odor remover can be an excellent tool for battling odors in upholstered furniture. Not only does it remove the smells from the upholstered furniture, but it also prevents them from accumulating again. Aside from the scent, another sign could be the uncomfortable feel of the upholstered furniture. You may be surprised to learn that cleaning your furniture can make it comfortable again. When dirt piles up on the fabric, it can make it more uncomfortable when you touch it. The material can become rough and worn out after a while.

Pet hair on the furniture can be one of the signs your upholstered furniture needs cleaning

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Experiencing allergy symptoms could be another sign

Have you been noticing your allergy symptoms getting worse? This can mean it’s time to clean your upholstered furniture. Dirt and dust can accumulate in the fabric easily. When you sit on the furniture, dust can get into the air. Or it can get into contact with your skin. When you sit on the furniture, you may notice that your skin becomes itchy. Some other signs can include watering eyes, coughing, a runny nose, and so on. The sooner you clean your upholstered furniture, the better. Regularly cleaning the upholstery is especially important if you live in a home with small children or people prone to allergies. They will feel more comfortable and experience fewer allergy symptoms. And if someone you know or live with has asthma, they will appreciate the work you put into making your home safe and clean for them.

Moving is a good time to clean your upholstered furniture

If you don’t clean furniture well before you move, you risk bringing in all the dirt and grime into your new home. Plus, unclean furniture can ruin the look of your new home. Clean your furniture thoroughly while you are packing. After you clean it, you can wrap it in plastic wrap to protect it from damage and dirt. This will prevent dust from falling on it during the moving process. As for the moving, it’s best to let pros deal with it, so your furniture doesn’t get damaged. You won’t have to worry about whether your furniture will arrive safely and on time when you hire experts to handle the move. For your long-distance move to LA, choose professionals you can trust. When you arrive in your new home, just remove the protective layer and vacuum the floors. Now, your furniture and home will look brand new.

Upholstered furniture can last for many years when you clean it regularly

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Signs your upholstered furniture needs cleaning: in summary

As upholstered furniture ages, it can accumulate stains and dirt. That’s why regularly cleaning it is important. Not only does it help it look good, but furniture that’s regularly cleaned can last for a longer time. Depending on the number of people in your household and their age, you can have your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned once or up to four times a year. Regularly check for signs your upholstered furniture needs cleaning so you can keep it looking good.


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