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A person cleaning the floor with a bucket of soapy water and a spongeFloor cleaning is something we've all done on numerous occasions. Whether you're doing a huge seasonal cleaning or just freshening up your home over the weekend, giving a bit of TLC to your floors is a must. Additionally, this is one of the few house chores that people don't actually dread that much. But since it's pretty easy and doesn't waste too much of our time, we can sometimes make certain floor cleaning mistakes and not even be aware of them until it's too late. For this particular reason, we've come up with some common errors that you should try to avoid.

Not using the perfect vacuum setting

Your vacuum probably has a few settings that you can use for different areas and flooring materials in your home. They're there for a reason. Since people often clean their carpets while cleaning the floors, this is quite a common mistake. Leaving your vacuum in the same setting that you're using for your carpets for hardwood, tile, or any other type of floor is a big no-no. Depending on the type of vacuum cleaner that you have, this can lead to a few things. You could not clean your floors properly, or, even worse, you could scratch and permanently damage them.

Failing to clean your vacuum properly

One of the floor cleaning mistakes that people make unconsciously since it's done outside of the cleaning process is not cleaning their vacuum cleaners correctly. If your vacuum cleaner is clogged and dirty, you'll simply be smearing and moving dirt all over your home. This won't only waste your time at the moment, but you'll have a much harder job later. Reading your vacuum cleaner manual and following all the instructions should be enough to avoid making this mistake.

Using the wrong chemicals and cleaning products

Of course, there's no good way to refresh your flooring without using cleaning chemicals and products. However, you need to be very careful when picking these out. The thing is, you need to determine the kind of cleaner you'll use by the type of floors that you have. You won't clean hardwood flooring the same way you clean tiles. If you're unsure of what to do, you can either find this information on various forums online or simply ask around at the store.

Soaking the floors too much

This one might be the biggest of all floor cleaning mistakes that you can make. You need to be really careful about the amount of water you're distributing on that surface, especially if you have laminate or wooden flooring. If you overdo it, there's no telling what'll happen. Your floors could be ruined for good. Another grave consequence could be moldy flooring, which is even harder to solve and get rid of. 

Cleaning without reading the instructions

All of the more intense and deep-cleaning products should have instructions on them. Failing to read and follow the instructions could lead to not only floor damage but a health hazard for you and your family. For example, you should take it seriously when the products state precisely how much of the liquid you're supposed to dissolve in a certain amount of water. Underdoing it is okay. However, going over the recommended amount could harm your floors on one end or create toxic fumes on the other.

Forgetting to protect your floors

Remember to protect your flooring in high-risk situations. For example, relocation can be a very tricky time for your floors. Aside from all the cleaning mistakes that you can make, you could also damage your floor in other ways. Moving big, heavy, or even just sharp pieces of furniture can be hazardous. So, make sure you don't damage it both by being very careful while carrying and moving bulky items and by protecting and covering your floors. Although it's a bit time-consuming, it's well worth it in the end.

Not hiring professional cleaners when needed

People often forget that you always have the option of contacting a professional cleaning company, either to ask for a certain piece of information or to hire them for their services. This actually doesn't cost as much as people think it does. Having your floors and carpets professionally cleaned can make all the difference. It could help you maintain their cleanliness as well as make your flooring far more durable.

Overdoing it is one of the most common floor cleaning mistakes

Much like you can damage your floors by not cleaning them enough, the same can happen if you overdo it. This usually happens in households where people keep pets inside or have children. Applying products or even water alone more than once a day could be really bad for your flooring. It's a much better idea to establish some ground rules and lessen the need for cleaning.

Not cleaning on time

Floor maintenance is something that you should take seriously. If you neglect your floors for a while, you'll have a much tougher time cleaning them later. Maintaining your floors and keeping them as clean as possible at all times will actually save you some time.

Judging by the looks alone

Although it may not be as obvious or common as the other floor cleaning mistakes, many people still do this. You need to use more than just your sight to determine whether your floors need cleaning or not. The trick is not to wait for these signs at all. Clean your floors whenever you get the chance, and that should be enough. If you judge the cleanliness of your floors only based on their appearance, the chances are that you'll bring a lot of the dust and filth into your sofas and beds.