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If your home has a lot of carpeting, you are likely aware of the necessity of maintaining its condition. Your home's carpet often comes into contact with many things, so you must maintain it like any other important part of your home. Daily, this entails vacuuming to get rid of surface dirt and debris; occasionally, you may need to spot clean. However, no matter how much time and effort you spend maintaining your carpet, sometimes that is not enough. That's when you should consider hiring professionals. Here are 7 reasons to hire professional carpet cleaning services to help maintain your carpet's condition.

Professional carpet cleaning services have knowledge and experience

Carpets may seem easy to understand and clean initially. However, carpets come in various types, sizes, and materials. All these factors (and more) dictate the right way to clean your carpets. Differentiating these factors is not an easy task for non-professionals. Our reliable team of carpet cleaning specialists is incredibly knowledgeable about the various carpet types and brands and the finest cleaning procedures and supplies for your specific carpet needs. Hiring such professionals can prevent unnecessary damage to your carpet from your lack of knowledge and experience. Furthermore, it will save any stress you may feel trying to navigate this complicated process.

There is no need to invest in equipment and cleaning solutions

Besides the incredible knowledge professionals acquired over time, their equipment and cleaning solutions are also nothing to scoff at. Our Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning method utilizes carbonation's natural power to provide you with the best possible carpet cleaning experience. Through our technique, filth and grime are lifted from your carpet's fibers and carried away by millions of tiny bubbles sent deep into your carpet. Our cleaning process has effectively removed 98.1% of typical allergens from carpets and upholstery, including pet dander and dust mites. This type of equipment is not something you could easily purchase or rent. Therefore, it is one of the reasons to hire professional carpet cleaning services that will also save you money.

Professionals will get rid of mold, mildew, pet odors, and stubborn stains

Unfortunately, it is highly likely your carpet already has a couple of issues. For example, your previous cleaning attempt may have created deeply ingrained mold and mildew because you couldn't take out the water properly. Or, you may have pets whose odor seems to linger and create a home in your carpet. Additionally, like most of us, you may have had a couple of accidents, leaving your carpet with some stains you probably tried to cover with furniture.

Well, all these issues can be solved by professional carpet cleaning services. You may not know how to do it properly, but they will! They can revitalize your carpet with their extensive knowledge, experience, and equipment. And if you're planning a move, follow the advice of Family Affair Moving experts and hire movers to pack and carry the carpets safely. That way, you ensure that you will have spotless and almost brand-new carpets for your new home!

DIY carpet cleaning can be detrimental to your carpet's state

Although we may have touched upon the issues that can occur when DIY carpet cleaning, we deem it essential to go more in-depth. Different carpets require different levels of maintenance. For example, some carpets are made of delicate fiber, and you must handle them carefully. If unaware of this, you may use harsh cleaning solutions and equipment. Such a mistake may irreversibly harm your carpet, worsening its condition.

On the other hand, if you go too gentle on your carpet, you may not correctly clean issues that can grow and become worse over time, such as mold and mildew. There is a perfect balance you should achieve when cleaning your carpet. This balance, however, can be challenging for a non-professional. If you take into account any of the reasons to hire professional carpet cleaning services, let it be this one.

Regular vacuuming is not enough for your well-being

The saying "health above everything," which we are all familiar with, could not be more accurate than when discussing carpet cleaning. Your HVAC system not only cools and warms your home but also has built-in filters that help clean the air within your home. But, when carpets are filthy with pet dander, urine, spills, and dust, they become ineffective. Furthermore, vacuuming removes only the surface filth and dust, leaving tons of built-up grime entrenched in your carpet fibers. That is why you are advised to get your carpets professionally cleaned once a year – more regularly for bigger homes, areas with high usage, and pets. The clean air you'll breathe afterward will be enough of a reward.

They provide a guarantee of  completely reviving your carpet and improving its lifespan

Professionals such as ChemDry often guarantee their customers that they will improve their carpet's condition. They may do this in various ways, from removing stains to treating carpet fibers with the highest quality cleaning solutions. By doing such tasks, professionals can even extend your carpet's lifespan! However, it is essential to note that regularly maintaining this condition is needed. In the same way, you must maintain other parts of your home, such as your kitchen counters, carpets need some attention. Regularly vacuuming and hiring professional cleaners are necessary to keep your carpet in the best shape possible.

Saves you time and energy to focus on other tasks

Another reason to hire professional carpet cleaning services is to save time and energy. By leaving this task to someone experienced and capable, you will give yourself peace of mind. Focus on other parts of your home, spend time with your loved ones, or go out and enjoy your day by contacting us to help you with your carpet needs.

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