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If you want to make a big statement, your flooring is the one aspect of your home that can instantly transform its appearance. Once you update the material, color, finish, or style of your floors, your home will gain a brand-new feel.

Most people believe that improving the state of the floors would not be as substantial an enhancement as getting new furniture or altering the room arrangement. However, professional interior designers disagree. Experts claim that even minor changes in the floors can lighten up rooms while also improving the internal acoustics and the environment. To help you with that, we bring you affordable ways to refresh your flooring.

What are the most popular types of flooring?

Before we get into how you can make your floors shine again, we will go over some of the most prevalent types and their differences. Remember, not all flooring has the same specifications, so different care techniques apply to each.

  • Carpet - This is and has always been a popular option both among homes and businesses. Carpeting is cozy and adds a pleasant and inviting feel to an area. If you have children, this is often the most secure solution. Carpet care is simple, especially when you hire professionals, thanks to advanced carpet cleaning
  • Hardwood - This is an elegant choice - hardwood flooring provides a touch of class to any room. Harwood also increases the value of your property. It comes in many options and can be rather costly. Regardless of the choice of pattern, hardwood floors can be plastered and varnished after some time.
  • Laminate - This is a material that is easy and very quick to install, and just as easy to maintain. Due to its resistance to wear and scratches, laminate is the perfect choice for the flooring in the busiest rooms in your home.
  • Vinyl - Vinyl is a floor covering with many advantages. It is great for humid rooms, is very resistant, absorbs noise, and comes in many designs. Good thermal and sound insulation is one of the main reasons to choose vinyl, plus it's easy to maintain.
  • Tile - Tiles are quite common and very low-maintenance. They are highly long-lasting and waterproof. Areas like kitchens, toilets, and laundry facilities mostly use moisture-proof floors like tiles, but you can put them anywhere.

Affordable ways to refresh your flooring

1.    Give it a deep clean

You are sure to notice that your flooring becomes harder to clean after a while and slowly loses the original shine. No matter how often you wash it, it looks clean only immediately after and then as if you haven't even cleaned. The result is lacking because your floors need a deep clean and polish with professional machines and tools.

Namely, when it comes to floors, there is a possibility that the impurities have penetrated deep into the small cracks and that it is necessary to apply special measures to remove the most stubborn dirt. The process of Chem-Dry cleaning of flooring is fast and efficient, and our team is well-coordinated and always up to the task.

2.    Paint the floors

For some people, the idea of floor painting seems like a big and difficult job. But it's a charming way to add a bright and cheerful look to the rooms in the home interior. The dyeing process takes some time, requires patience and meticulous work. However, it is cost-effective - painting the floors can cost you much less than changing the flooring in your home.

When you decide to paint the floors, we suggest that you don't paint all the flooring in the house the same color. Decide which room you want to transform, and choose the design and colors depending on the furniture. Another popular idea is to use more than one color and create patterns like stripes or any design you want.

3.    Use rugs

If you want a really quick and affordable solution to refresh your flooring, rugs are the right way to go. Area rugs will liven up the design of your rooms and make them look more stylish. Plus, they come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors, so there's plenty to choose from. You can style them according to your taste and the aesthetic of your home.

4.    Combine flooring materials

Consider a variety of floor materials in different sections of your house if you start to find your flooring monotonous. This is a popular technique in business areas already, but it's also a nice concept to utilize for your house.

There is no problem when mixing solid wood, carpet, tiles, concrete, or even all available flooring materials. Just arrange it meticulously to satisfy your esthetic and practical needs.

5.    Planing

The reparation process begins with planing, removing varnish and the damaged layer of the floor by sanding in several stages. It is crucial to clean and polish the substrate well after planing, so you might want to consider a temporary move and stay elsewhere during the project.

It is possible to change the color, as well as additionally express the structure of the wood itself with some of the manual processing techniques - brushing, patination, heat treatment, manual planing. And lastly, with the final layer, you provide the floor with shine and new protection with varnish, oil, or wax.

6.    Varnishing

If your floor has retained its quality and there are no traces of damage, it is possible to sand the surface layer and apply a new layer of varnish. This will give it protection and shine without performing a complete reparation and planing process. Of course, you should clean your wood floor well first.

We can say that this is the right choice when the floor is new(ish), and you want to refresh it or change the final finish, for example, from glossy to matte.

7.    Install new tiles over the old tiles

If you are tired of your tiles, we have an idea: installing one set of tiles over another. This approach is very unusual, but it works! It's incredibly physically demanding and hence expensive to remove old tiles. This is a cheaper and faster way to accomplish it. If you are seeking inexpensive options, ceramic tiles are available in a broad range of models and are reasonably priced.

Final thoughts

We hope our guide has inspired you to get to work and refresh your flooring. Your home will surely look brighter, newer, and cleaner. Good luck!